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About HSP

夏川礼子 : ヘラルド・スクエア・サイコロジーの日本人心理学カウンセラー
日本東京生まれ、 アメリカのカリフォルニア州で青春時代を過ごす。アメリカの名門芸術大学進学校に在学中、心理学に出会い受講。同校の化学の家庭教師および心理学ピアカウンセラーに抜擢され、生徒会を務める。大学では、非営利団体JSN(Japanese Student Network) にて、チャリティーイベントの主催や活動に参加。社会人では、社外の勉強会PMC (Personnel Managers” Club) にて、最年少で執行部役員に就任。ウォーキングバランス等、社会問題の喚起、交流会でのアジェンダやスピーカーを招待、各有名企業人事部重役の政策決定をサポート。WCN(West Coast Night)では、23歳で日本に帰国後、13年間ボランティアを努める。学生時代から、課外活動やボランティアやチャリティーに従事。キャリアを積むに連れ、ある時期を皮切りに日本の心理学カウンセリングの未成熟さを痛感。サイドで勉強するうちに、ヘラルド・スクエア・サイコロジーに出会い、バイリンガルでアメリカ式の心理学カウンセリングを実践している。
  • ・心理学カウンセラー / Psychology Counselor
  • ・心理学インストラクター / Psychology Instructor
  • ・ビジネス心理学インストラクター / Business Psychology Instructor
  • ・漢方 / Sino-Japanese medicine/Traditional Chinese medicine
  • ・薬膳 / Medicinal food therapy
  • ・美容薬膳 / Diet in herbal medicine
  • ・腸セラピー/Intestinal therapy
  • ・アロマ / Aroma therapy
  • ・フェイシャル / Facial therapy

Reiko was born and raised in Tokyo Japan. Spent her youth in California USA. She first encountered psychology at the Idyllwild Arts Academy, which is the country’s premier and internationally-acclaimed residential arts high school. Idyllwild Arts Academy provides pre-professional training in the arts and a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum to a diverse student body of gifted young artists. While she was at the school, selected as chemistry tutor and peer-counselor by the student council.
She also operated NPO, JSN (Japanese Student Network)’s charity events and participated in many activities while she was enrolled. When she started to work professionally, she joined a study group at PMC (Personnel Managers” Club) which is a monthly get-together meeting where executives from international finance department and general affairs section (foreign corporate organizations) meet and share best practices with each other on various issues. Lecturers and field experts are regularly invited to this monthly meeting. It is a great opportunity for members to express their views and to broaden their knowledge, while at the same time expand their network by meeting with elite executives. On her 3rd year, she became youngest female general board member 2009. Also, she supported NPO, WCN(West Coast Night) for 13 years.
Since she was young, she has enjoyed volunteers and charities. As she has grown in her career, she realized that psychology counseling in Japan is still undeveloped and immature. Because she was disappointed, she started studying psychology and met Herald Square Psychology. She practices American style psychology counseling in both Japanese and English. She will be continuing to focus more deeply on these studies and hope to provide people with customized individual support, inside and out, mentally and physically to maintain a happy balance of body and mind.